WebVAR Product Banners & Buttons

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The banners and buttons provide on this page may be incorporated on you web site.

If you have purchased our WebVAR Not-For-Resale Kit, you can also use these banners with your installation of IMail Server Web Messaging with Advertising option or place the buttons on your home page signifying your use of WS_FTP Pro and WhatsUp Gold.

The Not-for-Resale Kit includes WS_FTP Pro, WhatsUp Gold, and IMail Server with Email to Fax, Email to Pager and Web Messaging with Banner Advertising and is available for purchase at a greatly reduced price of $495 - a savings of over $1,600. The Not-for-Resale package is only available direct from Ipswitch and may be purchased by phone at: (781) 676-5700.

WS_FTP® Professional Banner (animated)
Uploaded With WS_FTP Professional Button (animated)
WhatsUp Gold Banner (animated)
Monitored By WhatsUp Gold Button (animated)